Forced to swallow!

2019-06-14Amateur, Blow Job, Public sex
  • 14:16 minutes
  • FullHD

It was my first time at a frivolous party. Of course I was curious and excited what to expect. But I was also looking forward to the guys and girls I meet there. Actually, I just wanted to take a look at all the hustle and bustle there ... but then it turned out differently ... In a back room I just drove it nice, the guy fucks me really nice.

Of course I heard the other party guests at the door. When I finally get the guy a blowjob he suddenly opens the door. A guy standing in front of the door suddenly grabs my head, holds him tight and orders me to open his mouth wide and swallow the whole load good ... to make it short ... talked, blown, fucked, swallowed!

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