Naive Teen turned into an anal bitch!

2021-01-01Amateur, Anal Sex, Teen
  • 28:50 minutes
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Once again I had a visit from Daisy, a girl from the neighborhood. She wanted to show me her new underwear. Of course it wasn't going to stop there, I was already in heat that day and the little one had to make up for it. After we spoiled ourselves with toys and she licked me horny I had a surprise for the little slut. I had invited Uwe and promised him that he could ride in the sweet Daisy anal. Of course he did not let 2X tell him that. He then drills the sweet butt of Daisy then also really nice. Who knows Uwe knows what a big cock he has. After the ride Daisy went home with broad legs. I hope her boyfriend did not notice that...


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